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Dr. E.C. Fulcher, Jr.

Dr. Fulcher is the Founder of Truth House Ministry Church, Inc. At the age of seven, he was gifted to play several instruments and at the age of twelve started playing professionally before transitioning into the ministry in 1970 at the age of seventeen. His sincerity, dedication and no-nonsense approach, when preaching God’s word, led Dr. Fulcher to teach in several different continents. He appeared several times on nationwide television as the guest of Dr. Gene Scott. Dr. Fulcher feels very honored and blessed that God has allowed him to walk the path that he has.  He acknowledges that the pinnacle of his ministerial life is being called to preach the Present Day Truth to the hagios. Dr. Fulcher also believes that his greatest compliments are when his pupils say that he teaches God’s word in a way that they can understand.


Truth House Ministry Church, Inc.


Truth House Ministry® Church, Inc. is an international ministry, reaching the entire world through internet television and shortwave radio. The web site and video broadcast connections can be accessed from the following domain names, which are solely owned by Truth House Ministry® Church, Inc.

The name Truth House was inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ who is all about truth.  

Dr. E.C. Fulcher, Jr. is the sole Pastor of Truth House Ministry® of Abingdon, Maryland, USA. His teachings can be heard worldwide via short wave, AM, and FM syndicated radio, internet television (THVBN), and the Mobile Broadcast Network (UpSNAP).  Dr. Fulcher, Jr. has written numerous books, magazines and articles about the present day truth that supports 2 Peter 1:12.


For a schedule of times and frequencies for all media outlets, please check-out this web-site.

Most of Dr. Fulcher’s teachings and sermons are available on CD, DVD and video tape. To order books, magazines or tapes, please contact us




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"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." 

-- Mat 24:14 ,KJV