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King's Houses

 Pastor - Dr. Fulcher Jr. and Dr. Gene Scott

Dr. Scott's Statements


To all beloved Kings Houses from Pastor Fulcher:

I have been contacted by many Kings Houses with questions and comments since the death of Dr. Gene Scott.

I am concerned for your spiritual well being and I am prepared to answer any questions that will help you to continue your growth in the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you call,  be sure to include your name, Kings House Number, phone number and/or address.

I have been supporting Dr. Scott for over twenty years, and during that time we were friends, both personally and spiritually. I've been honored to be a guest at his house, as well as his ranch and as traveling companions.  My time spent with him as a friend will be cherished. We had a mutual friendship and discussed God's word in length when I visited. He also honored me by allowing me to speak at Kings House 1 and 2, the Mausoleum at Berkeley, and at the Los Angeles University Cathedral.

I was first drawn to him due to our similarities in style, and our messages. His strength and fellowship over the years made me feel like I was not alone. My love for him and his ministry is without limits.

I am elated that his wife will continue to broadcast his voice and message into the future and I stand firm on the truths that he brought for his generation  and will proclaim them with all my vigor. Dr. Scott once said that he believed that God had two voices declaring truth. My voice will continue to proclaim the truths that Dr. Scott brought out. Personally, I will not fall backwards into traditionalism, NOR will I be LED back into it!




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"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." 

-- Mat 24:14 ,KJV