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Becoming a Truth House


I want to take this opportunity to explain why I believe it is important for you to have a Truth House number. God always has his men to set certain goals for the body of Christ. In the Bible, men of God told people to do things, which at the time did not seem to matter much at all, but these things were done because obedience is very important to God.

 In Matthew 18:19, it says,

 “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

 This is very important to your victory against Satan. I am firmly committed to privacy. The reason I want everyone to have a Truth House number is so that you can call the church 24 hours a day and leave prayer requests, statements of victory or statements of support.

 If a front-liner answers the phone when you call, you can leave your Truth House number with a message and say I want Pastor to agree with me for the victory. If you get the answering machine, do the same thing. The very fact that you obeyed to call establishes at least two people agreeing.

 When you call in, you are agreeing with the man of God. Your privacy is protected because you have not used your name. I do not give you a Truth House number unless you ask for one and I do not give your number to anyone unless you tell me you want it given out. You can call in using your Truth House number and say that by faith you are committing to $100.00 this week. Your giving privacy is protected and you haveagreedwith the man of God.

 When you call and use your Truth House number, you can tell your personal problems over the phone to the front-liner, they will write them down and give them to me. The front-liner will only know your voice over the phone unless you identify yourself.

 They do not know who you are, but I can read the message and give you a response over the radio or internet using your Truth House number and no one in your town will know who I am talking to except for you. Thus we can have an open discussion, but your privacy is protected with your Truth House number.

However, the most important part of having a Truth House number is that it gives you the ability to communicate directly and quickly to the man of God, which is something no other group, who was called of God, ever had in the Bible. If you have a problem, you can call 24 hours a day.

 When you become a Truth House, you will learn the hours the front-liners will be there live. Sometimes I will come in late at night and read the messages and sometimes I may not read them for a couple of days. One day I was reading messages and someone left a prayer request on Tuesday, it was answered on Wednesday, and I received the message on Thursday.

 Their prayer was answered even though I had not yet received it because of their obedience. They asked in faith.

 God knew that when I received the request I would pray in faith for them, so he answered the prayer on credit before it even went up because of their obedience. If you are up late at night and you are fighting a battle with Satan, you can go to the phone and leave a message on the answering machine that you are wrestling with Satan.

 Even if you do not know what the problem is, you can call in and God can shoot the victory in before you get off the phone. Having a Truth House number also allows you to identify with a ministry that calls it as it is. Some people, who listen to this ministry from afar, are like Nicodemus; they do not want others to know they follow this ministry.

 However, they can have a Truth House number and none of their friends will know that they actually agree with me, yet. If you were living in Noah’s day, would you want to be able to talk to Noah, whether you lived close or a hundred miles away? What if Jesus was inJerusalemand you were inGalileeand all you had to do was to pick up a phone to talk to him, do you think his phone would be busy very often?

I would have loved to talk to Paul when he was in prison atRome, I would have kept the phone jammed up with faith. They did not have that opportunity; but today you do. You may not talk to me personally; but you talk directly to me through the messages. I talk back to you through the radio or internet.

 When you receive a Truth House number, it does not mean that you have to agree with everything I say right up front. It means that you have heard enough of the teaching to say,“Wow that is a different kind of preacher, who says some things that I really like.”

Your only requirement is to call or write at least once a week (more if you want) giving a simple statement of victory. For example, you can say I am keeping faith on the line or I am standing with you in faith or we are more than conquerors or whatever you want to say. You can also send in your prayer requests with your statement of victory.

Your phone call is the foci of faith that the man of God has set up for this day. When you call on the phone and leave a message or statement of victory for me, it is the same as holding my arms up. If any two agree on any thing, it shall be done.

 Now anytime you have a system set up like this, there will always be critics who say that weshould not number God’s people.In the Bible, God told David not to number his people, but David did anyway and God became angry and punished him by putting a curse on him. Thus they will say that David numbered God’s people and it was wrong, so it is wrong to number God’s people today.

 It was wrong for David to number God’s people, but other men of God where told by God to number the people. God did not want David to do it at that time because David was not a Priest, but God did tell Moses to number the people.

 Get a Truth House number and be numbered in the number of those who are not ashamed to be identified with the man of God of this day. In the book of Numbers, God told Moses to number the Levites, the children ofIsrael, the children and the women. There are many scriptures where this is done.

 If you are in God’s service, he has numbered you and I will put a pin on our map to represent your city if you become a Truth House. Then I can look at the map and know there are Truth Houses all over this nation and world. This will also help to encourage me, knowing that I am not standing alone. Be identified. I bet the people in Noah’s day wished they would have identified with him, but it is too late.

 In Paul’s day, there were only 12 people at the church at Ephesus, but there were more people who lived in that area. I bet they wished they would have identified, but it is too late. It is not too late for you. I have given you the opportunity to identify by becoming a Truth House, so call or write and request your own Truth House number and be identified!




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