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Welcome To THVBN

Truth House Video Broadcasting Network (THVBN) was founded by Dr. E. C. Fulcher, Jr.   In 1985 he started this network in faith, with the hope that one day he would be broadcasting to the world.  And, in doing so, he would need his own call letters.  At that time, he was already broadcasting on shortwave radio.  But in 1999, with the explosion in popularity of the Internet, THVBN began to broadcast on Internet television, and is now on 24 hrs a day.  His newest venture is the UpSNAP broadcasting network which allows him to broadcast on all cell phones and land line phones worldwide 24 hours a day.

It has all been made possible because Dr. Fulcher stepped out in faith and named a network that did not even exist. THVBN.  And that act of faith, calling things that are not as though they were, has blossomed into a world wide ministry. Through faith and the support of those who give for the teaching, you are able to read this on the World Wide Web!  Little can be turned into much if God is in it!


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Truth House Ministry Church, Inc. is registered and trademarked. All rights reserved 2008  
All donations to this ministry are to be used as Pastor Fulcher and/or the Board of Directors sees fit in the
running of the ministry and in any and all situations.  All are urged not to give to this ministry if you have not been taught. Give only for the teaching.